2022’s Most-Searched People, Movies, TV Shows, Songs, and More


Google released their year-end search data yesterday.

Here’s what people were searching for the most in 2022 …


1.  Johnny Depp

2.  Will Smith

3.  Amber Heard

4.  Antonio Brown

5.  Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake


1.  Johnny Depp

2.  Will Smith

3.  Amber Heard

4.  Chris Rock

5.  Julia Fox . . . She was briefly Kanye’s girlfriend.


1.  Betty White

2.  Queen Elizabeth

3.  Bob Saget

4.  Anne Heche

5.  Aaron Carter


1.  “Encanto”

2.  “Thor: Love and Thunder”

3.  “Top Gun: Maverick”

4.  “The Batman”

5.  “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

TV Shows:

1.  “Euphoria”

2.  “Stranger Things”

3.  “The Watcher”

4.  “Inventing Anna”

5.  “House of the Dragon”

Musicians and Bands:

1.  Adam Levine

2.  Mary J. Blige

3.  Lil Tjay

4.  Kendrick Lamar

5.  Migos


1.  “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from “Encanto”

2.  “Surface Pressure” from “Encanto”

3.  “Jiggle Jiggle”,  Duke & Jones and Louis Theroux

4.  “Unholy”,  Sam Smith and Kim Petras

5.  “As It Was”,  Harry Styles


1.  Antonio Brown

2.  Serena Williams

3.  Joe Burrow

4.  Aaron Judge

5.  Manti Te’o

Sports Teams:

1.  Philadelphia Phillies

2.  Boston Celtics

3.  Golden State Warriors

4.  Cincinnati Bengals

5.  Los Angeles Rams

This next category is the “Hum to Search” feature on the Google app.  How it works is you tap on the mic icon, then click the “search a song” button.  Then you hum a song for 10 to 15 seconds and it SHOULD be able to identify it.

Here are the Top Songs that were hummed:

1.  “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”,  Backstreet Boys

2.  “Never Gonna Give You Up”,  Rick Astley

3.  “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from “Encanto”

4.  “Enemy”,  Imagine Dragons

5.  “Seven Nation Army”,  The White Stripes

SOURCE: Google