24% of Remote Workers Take Naps on the Clock

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

The surge in remote work is three years in . . . and one thing is clear:  People working from home feel more productive.  And not JUST with work, some are productive . . . in the BEDROOM.

In a new survey, 24% of remote workers admit to taking naps while on the clock, and 11% have even had sex while “working.”

The most common non-work activity that people do on the clock is scrolling through social media.  About 75% have done that.  Other common ones include:  Household chores . . . shopping online . . . watching TV . . . running errands . . . and planning trips.

13% admit they only work for about “three or four hours” on average each day when working remotely . . . but that’s on par with the average office worker, who in a recent study, said they’re productive for less than three hours a day.

Most Millennials and Gen X’ers working remotely say they work a full eight-hour day or longer . . .

And overall, 60% of remote workers say they’ve worked later in the day during off hours to catch up on work they didn’t do earlier due to non-work activities.  So the work is getting done, it’s just more flexible.

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Image by Riekus from Pixabay