35% of People Never Share Dishes at a Restaurant?

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

 When you go to a restaurant, are you more interested in trying several different things . . . or do you want your own meal, and for everyone else to keep their paws away from it?

In a new poll, 58% of people say they sometimes order different dishes than their friends or significant other, so that they can share.  35% say they never do that.

When broken down into demographics, it sounds like it’s something that’s more popular among younger adults, living on the coasts.  Boomers in the Midwest are the LEAST likely to share their food.

Of course, this isn’t EVERY meal.  Some stuff, like pasta dishes, soups, and salads are awkward to split.  It’s easy to cut and divvy up a pizza, a sandwich, or a dessert.

The poll also asked if you ever order the SAME thing as a friend or partner . . . because you can’t decide what you want.  40% say they have, 52% have not.
Image by Karrie Zhu from Pixabay