41% of Americans Still Have Their Christmas Decorations Up?

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

It’s January 10th, and in a poll conducted yesterday, 41% of Americans say they still have “some” of their holiday decorations up.  And 17%, or about 1-in-6 people, still have “all” of them up.

Just a friendly reminder:  It’s been 16 days since Christmas . . . and 47 DAYS since Thanksgiving weekend, when a lot of people start hanging their lights.

If you’re wondering, the people most likely to still have their decorations up are:  Those who live in the Northeast . . . who are male . . . who vote Democrat . . . and who are Millennials.  But there are offenders in ALL demographics.

The poll also asked people for the “latest month” it’s acceptable to have your Christmas decorations up, and 50% said January.  So I guess there are still three more weekends to make that deadline.

8% said it’s okay to keep them up into February, which is ridiculous.  10% said you should get them down BEFORE January . . . and 11% are Christmas crazies who say that it’s “always acceptable” to have holiday decorations up.

Image by Kati from Pixabay