5 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score in 2023

Dylan Gillis Xkmxz4fv63w UnsplashPhoto by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash
  1. Pay off holiday debt.

  1. Don’t apply for credit too often.

  1. Raise your credit limit: Ask issuers to increase your credit limits on existing accounts. Higher limits will lower your utilization,as long asyour spending doesn’t creep up. To build your score, experts recommend keeping your utilization under 30% of your limit.

  1. Make rent and utility payments count: Not all credit scoring models factor rent or utility payments into your score because this information typically isn’t on your reports. But if you lackcredithistory, there are services you can use to report on-time payments and build credit.

  1. Inspect your credit reports: Credit reports are records of your credit history. Staying on top of your reports is crucial because scoring companies use the information on them to create your scores.