66% of People Have Canceled a Friend

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

Sometimes friendships fade out . . . other times they flame out . . . and in both cases, both sides just kind of GET IT and move on.

But have you ever DECIDED to end an active friendship for some reason?

In a series of new polls, 66% of people said they have, and they DID follow through with it.  Only 25% said they haven’t.  More women than men say they HAVE canceled a friendship . . . but it’s close.

People were also asked if they’re aware of anyone deciding to end a friendship with THEM.  51% said it HAS happened to them . . . 26% said it hasn’t.

If it needs to happen, 53% of people say it’s best to be upfront about it . . . and notify the friend.  But 31% think it’s better to just slowly distance yourself.  For what it’s worth, younger adults are more in favor of transparency.

They didn’t ask WHY the friendships were terminated.  So it could be serious . . . like they’d become negative or toxic.  Or it could be something silly . . . like they got WAY too into crypto or some MLM, and it just got annoying.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay