73% of Moms Think They’re the “Best Mom in the World”?

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

This Mother’s Day, definitely let your mom know she’s the best mom. But just a heads up . . . she already knows. An early Mother’s Day poll found 73% of moms think they’re the “best mom in the world.” (???)

(Statistically speaking, 99.9% of those moms are WRONG.)

80% of moms also said their family would be totally lost without them. (Now THAT stat, I believe.)

Here are a few more quick stats from the survey . . .

1. The top five skills moms are confident they have are problem solving . . . nurturing . . . multitasking . . . organization and time management . . . and communication skills.

2. The top five challenges moms face on a regular basis are school stuff . . . not enough “me” time . . . financial struggles . . . dealing with kids’ medical needs and health . . . and their kids misbehaving in general.

3. When moms aren’t sure how to handle a situation, the top person they turn to is . . . other moms. 83% lean on other moms for support and advice.


80% of moms feel they’re the driving force of their family, and 77% feel empowered by other moms on social media!

The survey of 2,000 moms also found that they have superpowers including problem-solving, nurturing, multitasking, and time management.

71% of moms found that social media helped with new parenting strategies, and 78% feel online representations of moms are relatable.

Unfortunately, one negative effect is that 66% of moms compared themselves to other parents they saw online. 72% of moms feel guilty for accepting help.


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay