79% of People Would Change This About Their Partner

Would you change anything about your partner?

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The pandemic has changed us in so many ways and our partners have noticed. A new poll found that 89% of Americans have noticed a physical change in their partner over the last two years.

Some people have a problem with their partner’s new pandemic look; 79% wish their partner would lose weight.

Those who want their partner to shed some weight want them to lose an average of 22 pounds. It’s not just their partner’s weight that has Americans bothered. 69% said they take issue with their partner’s pandemic grooming habits.

55% said they were even embarrassed about their partner’s looks!

So how have these haters handled their pet peeves to their partner? 52% say they’ve brought up their dissatisfaction to their partner directly while 48% were trying to nudge some changes along with subtle comments.

SOURCE: Best Life