9 Phrases That Make You Sound Unprofessional . . . and What to Say Instead

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I found a list of phrases that supposedly make you sound unprofessional at work…and luckily there are also suggestions for what to say instead.

See if you’re guilty of saying any of these…

1. Does that make sense? What to say instead: “What are your thoughts?” or “I’d like your input on this.”

2. Maybe we should tryInstead say:Let’s try . . .” or “It’s a good idea to try…”

3. “I’m not positive, but . . .”or I’m not sure, but . . .” What to say instead: Whatever you were going to say after the “but.”

4. Sorry to bother you.” Say Excuse me instead.

5. Needless to say“… In my opinionFor what it’s worthIf you know what I mean.” What to say instead: Nothing. It’s all unnecessary filler.