A “Cursed” Painting is For Sale on eBay

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A man on eBay is trying to sell a “cursed” painting.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he purchased the painting from a local flea market, even though the woman selling it warned him against buying it. He now calls the choice to buy it the “ultimate bad decision.”

The painting features two children’s dolls seated together against a green-blue background. One is a blonde baby doll in a pink dress, while the other is a Raggedy Ann-style toy with red hair.

He’s listed the painting on eBay with a starting price of $50, but his description might freak most people out.

He writes, “BEWARE CURSED Vintage Painting Dolls Art Creepy Eerie WARNING 1967. […] I don’t know whose cursed blood was mixed in with the paint to create this piece, but its powers are strong.” He goes on to say after taking the painting home he had an “epic losing streak,” felt chills, developed insomnia, and discovered an insect infestation on his property. In the description he also writes, “Something has to change because the only difference in my life since everything grew so dark around me was buying that painting, I feel the only remedy to all of this is to rid myself of it.”

See The eBay Listing Here: https://ebay.to/3HHeZI6

SOURCE: Mirror