A Guy Was in the Middle of a Bike Race . . . and Got Attacked by a Bull?

YES! There's video!

(WARNING! The video above does have profanity!)


Not for nothing…but I think the Tour de France would get way better ratings if they just did this all the time:  A guy in California named Tony Inderbitzin was in the middle of a big 80-mile mountain bike race on Saturday …when he suddenly got attacked by a BULL. Stop reading and watch the video!

It was an off-road race in a rural area and he thought it was just a cow until he got closer… But by then, it was too late.  The bull spun around, charged his bike, and DESTROYED him.

It knocked him off his bike, then came back and threw him up in the air like a rag doll. Luckily, he’s okay.  He actually wanted to finish the race, but was talked out of it.

At least two other bikers also had run-ins with the same bull, but Tony got the worst of it.  He says he’ll be fine, but his entire body was sore the next day.

Here’s footage of a second biker getting crushed as well…

SOURCE: Fox 26 News (KMPH)