A McDonald’s Drive-Thru Set a World Record by Serving The Most Customers in One Hour

Erik Mclean J0zd8r Clgg UnsplashPhoto by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Imagine if you just showed up to grab lunch and didn’t know this was going on…Longest line EVER!

A McDonald’s near Wichita, Kansas set a world record on Thursday after their drive-thru processed more than 350 orders in one hour. That’s roughly one car every ten seconds.

Employees pitched the idea to the franchise owner last year, and they’d been planning it for six months. They were hoping to break 300, and managed to fill 356 orders by the end.

Customers were in on it, so that’s how they were able to go so fast. People got there early to line up, and cars stretched for over a mile.

They intentionally made their orders simple. But every car that went through had to order something, pay, and get their food.

The owner says the drive-thru at that location is always pretty fast, and they pride themselves on it. But if Guinness confirms the record, they can officially call it the fastest drive-thru in the world.