A Movie Update: A ‘Dodgeball’ Sequel, A NEW “Adult” Winnie The Pooh Project, and A Christmas/Horror Film Based On ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

Movie Update

A “Dodgeball” Sequel Is in the Works with Vince Vaughn

A sequel to 2004’s “Dodgeball” is in the works with Vince Vaughn set to return.

There’s no word yet if Ben StillerChristine Taylor, or the rest of the original cast will be in it.  It’s still in the early stages.

All that’s known is it’ll continue the story of Vaughn’s character Peter LaFleur and his Average Joe’s Gym.

SOURCE: Deadline

There’s Another Adult Winnie the Pooh Project in the Works

Sure, Winnie the Pooh is public domain now, but that doesn’t give Hollywood carte blanche to DESTROY that poor bear.

First, he was a serial killer in “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey”… and now he’s being turned into a drug-fueled hallucination in an R-rated series called “Christopher Robin”.

According to the official synopsis, Christopher is no longer an innocent kid with sweet, talking-animal friends.

Instead, he’s, quote, “a disillusioned New Yorker navigating his quarter-life crisis with the help of the weird talking animals who live beyond a drug-induced portal outside his derelict apartment complex, the Hundred Acres.”

There aren’t any other details yet.

SOURCE: Consequence

There’s a Christmas Horror Movie in the Works Called “It’s a Wonderful Knife”

This is either hilariously brilliant, or a HUGE groaner … and I’m having trouble figuring out which.  There’s a Christmas slasher movie in the works called … “It’s a Wonderful Knife”.

You know how “Happy Death Day” was basically a horror take on “Groundhog Day”?  Well, this is a similar takeoff on “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

A woman saves her town from a psychotic killer on Christmas Eve … but a year later, her life isn’t great and she wishes she wasn’t born.

So she finds herself in a parallel universe where she WASN’T, and things are way worse.  The killer is back and she has to, quote, “team up with the town misfit to identify the killer and get back to her own reality.”

SOURCE: Bloody Disgusting