A Museum Security Guard Got Bored on His First Day and Drew Eyes on a $1 Million Painting

Being bored at work is normal, but someone really needed to teach this guy about Solitaire…

An art museum in Russia recently hired a new security guard…and he did the exact opposite of what they hired him to do.

His name has not been released, but it’s been said he’s around 60 years old.  Apparently he got “bored” on his FIRST DAY working there and he decided to “pass the time” by IMPROVING one of the museum’s paintings.

He saw a portrait called “Three Figures.”  Which is just three blank faces with no facial features at all.  So he took a ballpoint pen and decided to draw EYES on them.  Yup…this is a real stroy…and the big problem…the painting is worth 1 MILLION DOLLARS.

This happened back in early December and according to the story, it was two visitors of the museum that were the first to notice it.  It just recently came out that it was a security guard who was the one who did it.

I can assume he’s no longer got a job there, but it’s not clear if he’s facing charges or anything.

Luckily, art restorers are very good at their job, and the museum says the damage IS reversible.  They’re hoping it only costs a few thousand dollars to fix it.

SOURCE: The Moscow Times