A New Airplane Concept Shows How Middle Seats Could Be Eliminated

Nothing is ever going to make the middle seats on a plane appealing … so what if we could just TAKE THEM OUT?

Someone just unveiled a new design concept for commercial airplanes that features NO middle seats…  However, it isn’t exactly ROOMIER.

Instead of having one cabin with an aisle down the middle… there are THREE separate, enclosed cabins, with an aisle down the center of each.  Two cabins are side-by-side… and the third is ABOVE them.

Each of the rows has only two seats on each side of the aisle, but because this design packs three cabins into one plane, there are still more seats overall, so the airlines would like that.

Two questions come to mind:  Windows and emergency exits.

Since the two cabins are side-by-side, the inner rows can’t look out of the plane.  So instead, there are “virtual windows” … a long SCREEN that shows sky.

They didn’t say if it would somehow show what is ACTUALLY outside, or just a generic image of a bright cloudy sky.

It’s unclear how the emergency exits would work, but with less people in either side cabin, it’s possible that they’d just use the side exits … while the top cabin would use the exits at the front and back of the plane.

This is just a concept for a conference at this point … no one is planning to construct planes like this, so if it happens, it’d be a long way off.

SOURCES: CNN Travel / Delicious.com