A Politician Released His Own “Adult” Video to Win More Votes?!

860x394Picture courtesy of CityandStateNY.com

Just when you thought politics couldn’t get any more weird or more desperate, this happens:  A 53-year-old named Mike Itkis is running for Congress in New York as an Independent, and basically has no chance.

So… He’s trying to up his profile and win more votes… by releasing a SEX TAPE.

One of his platforms is being “sex positive.”  He thinks sex shouldn’t be so taboo and wants to legalize prostitution.  Political stunt or not, it’s a REAL porno.

He hired adult actress named Nicole Sage to co-star in it with him.  He posted the 13-minute video on the internet.

They made the video last year, and he posted it a few months ago.  However, apparently no one noticed until he did an interview that came out on Friday.

He claims it’s NOT a gimmick, but a serious attempt to get his message out.  Quote, “If I would just talk about [being sex positive], it wouldn’t demonstrate my commitment to the issue.

SOURCES: City & State / Forward