A Woman Sold an Original, Unopened iPhone from 2007… for HOW MUCH?!

Daniel Romero Sg8v9r1biic UnsplashPhoto by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

If you took an original, first-generation iPhone into Verizon for a trade-in, they might give you 63 cents.  But that’s for a USED one.

A woman named Karen Green had an original iPhone from 2007, which was STILL FACTORY-SEALED.  Back then… 16 years ago… she had just scored a new management job at PetSmart.

And to celebrate, her friends bought her an iPhone.  But Karen never ended up opening it… because she already had a phone that she liked, and she had a contract with Verizon.  At the time, iPhones could only be used with AT&T.

But since it was a gift, she just kept it.  A while back, she heard that a first-generation iPhone sold for thousands on eBay.  She had it appraised in 2019 for $5,000.  And now, she finally decided to unload it.

It sold at auction on Sunday for $63,356.40.  It was expected to sell for $50K.  Karen’s friends probably paid $599 for it back in 2007.