Adding These 8 Habits To Your Life Can Add 20 Years

Aziz Acharki U3c79seha7k UnsplashPhoto by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

If someone said cutting cheese out of your diet would add a year to your life, you might say not worth it.  But THIS is pretty significant…

A new study identified eight habits that can add over TWO DECADES to your life if you adopt them all by age 40… 24 years for men, and 21 years for women.

You’re already doing a few of them, hopefully… 24 is just the max compared to someone who does none of them.

Here are the eight things you need to do…

1.  Exercise.

2.  Don’t get hooked on opioids or pain pills.

3.  Don’t smoke.

4.  Manage your stress.

5.  Eat a mostly plant-based diet.

6.  Avoid binge drinking.

7.  Get enough sleep.

8.  Have friends, and maintain good social relationships.

SOURCES: CNN / EurekAlert