Americans’ 10 Favorite Ice Cream Truck Orders!

Anthony Fomin 5botkl2vmuc UnsplashPhoto by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash

Last month, we heard that 17% of Americans have NEVER bought ice cream from an ice cream truck, which seems…kind of crazy.

A recent survey set out to find Americans’ favorite ice cream truck orders, and they used a bizarre battle royale method to do it, where they’d repeatedly show people two options and have them pick the best of the two.

Once the dust had settled…

The Top 10 are:

1.  Crunch Ice Cream Bar

2.  Drumstick

3.  Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

4.  Twist Soft-Serve Cone

5.  Klondike Bar

6.  Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bar

7.  Vanilla Soft-Serve Cone

8.  Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich

9.  Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

10.  Chocolate Drumstick

Interestingly enough, the Choco Taco came in at #11.  The survey was just conducted, AFTER the news that the Choco Taco was being discontinued.  It’s unclear if that helped or hurt the Choco Taco’s ranking.

Overall, they ranked 29 items.  The PowerPuff popsicle came in last just ahead of the SpongeBob popsicle.

You can find the full results, here.