America’s Favorite Dessert Is…

Michaela Baum Vnm6 Liirj0 UnsplashPhoto by Michaela Baum on Unsplash

Did the people who ran this poll forget that ICE CREAM exists?

2,000 Americans were asked to name their favorite type of dessert, and CAKE ranked first.  But somehow, ice cream is nowhere to be found.

People were allowed to pick more than one type of dessert they consider a “favorite.”

Here are the top ten …

1.  Cake.  42% said it’s one of their favorite desserts.

2.  Cookies, 36%.

3.  Pie, 34%.

4.  Donuts, 34%.

5.  Muffins, 33%.

6.  Cupcakes, 32%.

7.  Pastries, 24%.

8.  Candy, 21%.

9.  Brownies, 17%.

10.  Macaroons, 5%.

The poll also asked about our favorite dessert flavors, and STRAWBERRY ranked first.  The top five are strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, and chocolate chip.

Here’s one final stat:  Over a third of adults said they have a bigger sweet tooth now than when they were kids.