America’s Youth Have A New Favorite Activity… And It’s More Wholesome Than You May Think

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Birding might not be an activity you’d associate with younger people, but apparently nowadays… you should.

A series of events have brought the wholesome hobby to the forefront. A 2011 lighthearted movie called The Big Year showed the efforts of three competitive birders, in their effort to find the most birds in a single year.

Later on, in the mid-2010s, birding took off in America’s hippest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Portland, and Austin.

And now, over the last year and a half, younger millennials and members of Gen Z have taken an interest in birding.

There are over 340 million views for the TikTok page “birding tiktok.”

Mark Parnell, the author of The Birding Pro’s Field Guides, says he has a few theories as to why.

He says, “It’s in line with a rise in outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and backpacking.” The pandemic accelerated this trend, as restrictions on gatherings forced individuals outside and into more self-driven hobbies. The very nature of birds is that they are everywhere […]. So people started experiencing exciting interactions with birdlife at a level that wasn’t present in the recent past.” 

SOURCE: Inside Hook