Are You a “Good Neighbor”? Do You Follow These “Unspoken Rules” of Neighbor Etiquette?

Yifan Gu Y5yzxoiuos UnsplashPhoto by Yifan Gu on Unsplash

Someone put together the “unspoken rules” of neighborhood etiquette that will make your neighbors love you…but honestly, it isn’t rocket science.  It basically boils down to this:  DON’T BE A JERK.

Here are a few:

1.  Don’t steal your neighbors’ packages and mail. 

2.  If you’re parking on the street, try to leave room for others.  Also, don’t take others’ designated spots or block their driveways.

3.  Give your neighbors a heads-up when you’re having a party, and keep the noise down if it goes late.

4.  Pick up after your pets, and make sure their waste gets in your trash.

5.  Be mindful of how loud your vehicle is.

6.  Be mindful of how loud your dogs are.

7.  If you have really close neighbors who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues, let them know if mowing or grilling so they can close their windows.

8.  Keep your cats indoors.

9.  When it comes to yard maintenance, try to read the room, and don’t be the house with the worst yard on the block.

10.  Don’t peek over your neighbor’s privacy fence.