Best Face Wash for Acne Hack?

Jc Gellidon 7tdxlfu0w2w UnsplashPhoto by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

Before you laugh at this, remember that your face is part of your head…  and the word “head” is right there in the name…

People on TikTok are claiming that if you have acne, the best face wash to use is actually SHAMPOO.  Specifically, the anti-dandruff shampoo, Head & Shoulders.

An influencer named Elyse Myers posted about it recently, and kick-started the trend.

She says a dermatologist gave her the tip in middle school, and told her the zinc in it is great for your skin.

She stopped using it a while back, and started buying expensive face wash instead.  However, her acne came back with a vengeance, so she switched over again.  She says even the generic Walmart version of Head & Shoulders works.

Other people have now tried it, with mixed results.  Some say it worked, and others say it made their acne worse.

That makes sense, according to the dermatologists who’ve weighed in.  They say it’s safe for most people to try.  And Head & Shoulders DOES have a few things in it that can help with acne.

However, it depends on what’s going on with your skin.  So it might NOT help, or just dry everything out and make your complexion worse.

Click here for Elyse’s video about it.

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