Can Red Wine Reduce the Risk of Catching Covid?

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By now, we all know what we can do to protect ourselves from COVID-19Getting vaccinatedwearing a masksocial distancing…and so on.

But now, there’s a more FUN thing we can add:  Drinking RED WINE!!!

According to a new study out of the U.K., people who consumed five or more glasses of red wine a week had a 17% lower risk of catching the virus. Scientists believe it might be because of red wine’s high content of polyphenol, which is known to help with the flu and other respiratory conditions.

White wine and champagne also had an effect . . . those who drank one to four glasses of either of those in a week had an 8% lower risk of being infected. But this is only for wine.

People who drank any amount of beer or cider were at a 28% higher risk of getting Covid, and people who drank five or more glasses of spirits each week also had an increased risk.

And anyone who drank in excess didn’t fare well either way.  People who drank double these amounts had a higher risk across the board.

SOURCE: Mirror