Actor Hunter Clowdus from The CW's All American on Hits 96!

Chattanooga's own, Hunter Clowdus stopped by the Hits 96 Studio today to join Gino D on the air an talk about his show on the CW, "All American." Hunter plays the role of "JJ Parker" on the show. You can watch Seasons 1 through 4 on Netflix and Season 5 will be hitting the CW this fall.  Listen to the FULL INTERVIEW below! 

Airbnb Wants to Pay You $100,000...

Have you ever rented an Airbnb and thought, "This place is okay, but I totally could've designed a cooler place..."? Well, get out a pen and paper, because you're going to get that opportunity!

Em Beihold VIP

After the show the top fundraisers for The Children's Hospital at Erlanger got a special meet and greet with Em Beihold