Cher Took A Random Photo of a ‘Beautiful Couple’ And Of Course…Twitter Found Them

The power of Twitter is insane and this is the perfect example!

I’m not sure if you follow Cher on Twitter or not but if you don’t you totally should!

She’s always posting and on Tuesday, she tweeted out a photo of a stylish and loved-up couple she ran into and revealed they had no clue who she was.

“When we were coming out of movie I saw beautiful couple,” she tweeted with the shot. “He Was taking Her pic….She had flowers. I said … can I take your Pic.”

She then said the couple had no idea who she was because she was fully masked and talking to them from a distance.

“Had my mask on so they didn’t Know Who I was,” she added. “MAYBE Just a crazy woman.. THAT ME.”

She then added to the thread, “See how adorable they are.”

Then, Twitter jumped in on the sweet story and it did it’s magic!

It didn’t take long for Cher’s picture, which has over 165,000 likes now, to find its way to the happy couple themselves!

A woman named Syndie responded to the thread, exclaiming, “Omg! That’s me, and it was my birthday! Wow! I can’t believe it! 🥰”

The gentleman named Tehran also commented on the thread, “Wow! So we really did meet CHER! This night will certainly be remembered forever.”