Chipotle’s “Water Cup Candle” Makes Fun of People Who Steal Lemonade


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You’ve either seen someone do this, or done it yourself?  The folks at Chipotle would like you to know you’re not fooling anyone…

They’re selling a new product online called the “Water Cup Candle” that smells like LEMONADE.

It’s supposed to poke fun at the people who ask for a free water cup, and think they’re being sneaky when they fill it with lemonade instead.

They’re doing it for National Lemonade Day, which is this Saturday,  but apparently they had the idea years ago.

Whoever was running their Twitter account in 2019 posted a tweet that said, “Hear me out:  a water cup scented candle that smells like lemonade.”  Here’s the tweet.

They haven’t said how much the candles cost yet,  but each one also comes with a promo code for a free lemonade, so you don’t have to steal it next time.

SOURCE: PR Newswire