Coca-Cola’s Latest Flavor Tastes Like… “The Future”… Plus, More Food News!


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Artificial intelligence has just come to take someone’s job:  Whoever creates “new” flavors for Coca-Cola.

Coke just released the latest limited-edition flavor in its “Creations” series.  This one is called Coca-Cola Y3000, and it’s supposed to taste like “THE FUTURE.” And this is appropriate:  The recipe was created by A.I.

They haven’t revealed what’s in it, or described the taste.  They say the flavor profile is, “85-to-90% Coke, [with] a 10-to-15% twist of something unexpected.”

Y3000 should cost the same as regular Coke.  It comes in zero- and full-sugar varieties and it will be available for a limited time starting now.


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