Did We Need This?! “Tailgate”-Flavored Candy Corn Now Exists


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My first question here was “WHY?”  … And my second was what kind of weird and lame tailgate parties are these people going to?

The candy company Brach’s is now selling tailgate-flavored CANDY CORN.

Someone noticed Walgreens selling them online.  Each pack has 5 flavors that are supposed to taste like classic tailgate foods.  However, are all of them REALLY tailgate foods?

The first two are hot dogs and hamburgers, which makes sense… though it sounds disgusting… but then the third flavor is popcorn and the fourth is vanilla ice cream. Which you MIGHT see at a tailgate, but probably not…

And the last flavor is fruit punch … because obviously that’s what everyone drinks at a tailgate…definitely not beer.

SOURCE: Candy Hunting
Photo by Mary Jane Duford on Unsplash