Did You Know That This Device Was Inspired by a Spider-Man Comic Strip?

Comic Con Museum Unveils Spiderman Exhibit In San Diego

Brian Crosby takes a selfie as the Comic-Con Museum unveils the world-premiere exhibit of Marvel’s friendly neighborhood Super Hero Spiderman, in celebration of the characters’ 60th anniversary in San Diego, California, U.S., June 30, 2022. REUTERS/Mike Blake

If you’ve ever had a judge slap one of those electronic monitoring bracelets on your ankle, you can thank your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for that.

There used to be a Spider-Man comic strip that ran in newspapers across the country…and in one installment back in August of 1977, the villain Kingpin attaches a monitoring device to Spider-Man’s wrist.

Well, a New Mexico judge named Jack Love saw it, and he thought maybe that technology could be used to keep an eye on low-level criminals.  So he teamed up with an engineer to make it happen.

Judge Love was also the first person to WEAR the device, as an experiment of course.  He said, quote, “It put me on a very short leash.”

SOURCE: Gizmodo