Does Your Pet Have a Nickname?

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Does your pet have a nickname on top of their actual name?  And which one do you use more?

A new poll of 2,000 pet owners found 85% have given their pet at least one nickname and almost two-thirds of those people now use their nickname most of the time.

The survey didn’t look at the most popular nicknames, but it did find how we come up with names for our pets.

36% prefer “human” names, like “Kevin” or “Jessica” … 32% like traditional pet names, like “Fido” or “Mittens” …and around 25% would name a new pet after a food, like “Meatball” or “Biscuit.”

Have you ever gotten TWO pets at once and named them together?

When that’s the case, the top themes people go with are pop culture iconsfictional characters … and historical figures.

But choose carefully…  Around 60% of people admit they’ll JUDGE you if they think your pet’s name is dumb.