Dolly Parton Helped Unveil the New Coaster at Dollywood

As expected, Dollywood opened its brand-new roller coaster on Friday.  It’s called Big Bear Mountain, and Dolly Parton was on-hand to partake in the festivities.

Dolly wasn’t onboard for the first run.  In fact, she didn’t ride it at all.  She claimed she was too old …she’s 77… but it doesn’t sound like it’s her thing anyway.  She said, “I think I’d lose my hair… I think I’d lose my nerve!

She did have a lot of fun with the crowd though.  She joked that she came dressed as “bear bait“… looking like a girl with a pot of honey.

Dolly also sang a big bear-themed song that she said she wrote just for the coaster … and did a countdown for the coaster’s first ride.

The video is above.  The audio is very spotty.  Skip ahead to 1:38 to hear Dolly … then go to 7:30 for the countdown, and 9:55 for the song.