Don’t Let Your Dog Lick Your Face… It Could Kill You

Chinook Dog Gef9e1108f 640Image by Roman Michael Gottfried from Pixabay

It’s been a big week for cat people.  First, a study said that a virus found in cat poop might make you more attractive.

Now this: A study on dogs found that letting them lick your face could KILL you.

Researchers in Europe tested the waste of 85 dogs, and found 17% of samples contained a SUPER STRAIN of E. coli that’s resistant to antibiotics.

So when you consider that dogs sometimes EAT their own waste, that suggests it could be in their saliva too.

They also tested the waste of 18 cats, and only one had it … which would be 6%, but obviously that’s a small sample.

Now before you panic, they also tested all the owners’ fecal matter, and 13% of those samples had the bacteria too… and everyone in that study was healthy… so it might not be a big deal.

However, they do think it’s best NOT to let your dog lick your face.