Do Dogs Grieve?

As the Queen's corgis say goodbye, you may be wondering... Do dogs actually grieve?

Is It Safe To Let Your Dog Lick Your Face

Dogs are awesome and we love them. From their excitement when they see us to the playful licks they give our hands and faces. But could letting your dog lick your face be deadly?!


With all the fun the excitement of ROTC 13...Hits 96 want to offer a select few the chance to enjoy the Kia of Chattanooga and Village VW VIP Section of Running Of The Chihuahuas. In the VIP section we will…

Dog Reunited With Her Owners After Over A Decade

Chattanooga, Tennessee---     It's National Spay Day! In honor of that reminder, today's Nice News is dog related. A dog was reunited with her family in California this month, after being missing for 12 YEARS.  Her name is Zoey, she's 13…