Dr. Pepper Has a New Flavor


Photo courtesy of PR NewsWire

There’s been a growing trend of BOOZY canned drinks … like Hard Mountain Dew and Lipton Hard Iced Tea.  So this didn’t seem surprising…  at first.

Dr. Pepper is putting out a limited edition, BOURBON-FLAVORED soda called “Dr. Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve,” which features “sweet, savory, and woody notes with subtle hints of cherry, vanilla, chocolate and caramel.”

The catch is that it is NOT alcoholic.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…  Who wants a bourbon-flavored drink with no alcohol?  Well, there IS a demand for meat-flavored products with no meat, right?

Unfortunately, right now this special Dr. Pepper is only available through a sweepstakes for their “Pepper Perks” members.

So they want you to sign up for that, then do some scratch-and-win games to see if you can win.  I know, I agree, it does seem like a lot of effort for something you still need to add booze to…so do with this information as you will.

SOURCES: Food & Wine / PR Newswire