Dunkin’ Is About to Introduce… Spiked Coffees? Plus, other FOOD NEWS!

If you’ve ever pulled up to a Dunkin’ drive-thru in the morning …and thought, “I could really use a DRINK right now“…you’re working yourself too hard.  That, or you have a drinking problem.

Word has it that Dunkin’ is introducing a new line of SPIKED coffees.  But you WON’T get a shot of whiskey added to your macchiato.

It’s a new product that they’re selling in STORES that sell alcoholic beverages, like beers and hard ciders.

There will be four flavorsOriginal iced coffee, caramel, mocha, and vanilla.  They come in 12-ounce cans, and will have 6% alcohol, which is stronger than most mainstream beers.

There are also four flavors of spiked TEAS:  “Slightly sweet with a twist of lemon,” half-tea / half-lemonade, strawberry dragonfruit, and mango pineapple.  These will be 5% alcohol.

They are flavored malt beverages, so they’re not gluten-free.

There’s no official release date… but they could be just a few weeks away in several states, like Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont.  More states will get them sometime next year.

These will be Dunkin’s first original alcoholic beverages…however they have collaborated with Harpoon Brewery to make Dunkin’-inspired beers, like Dunkin’ Pumpkin.

SOURCES:  Today.com / IGN / Vinepair

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