Five Hand Gestures That Make You More Persuasive

Zacke Feller Odzsys5wsso UnsplashPhoto by Zacke Feller on Unsplash

Studies have shown hand gestures make you more convincing.  For example, entrepreneurs are more likely to get funding if they use them while pitching an idea.

Here are five of them that can make you more persuasive…

1.  Holding your fingers in a “precision grip.”  So your thumb touches your middle or index finger.  It signals that you’re revealing a key detail, and they need to pay attention.

2.  Holding up a number to correspond with what you’re saying.  It might sound dumb, but holding up three fingers when you say the number “three” makes it more memorable.

3.  Holding your hand over your heart.  It can have a big impact if you do it while saying something like, “This part’s really important to me.”

4.  Moving both hands up and down like a scale.  It’s good when comparing two options.  It helps people understand the gravity of a decision, and tells them a lot of thought went into it.

5.  Holding both hands out with your palms facing up.  It tells people you’re being open and honest, and putting all your cards on the table.

SOURCE: Huff Post