Food News: A NEW McFlurry Coming Soon? & DoorDash Now Accepts SNAP/EBT!

Food News

DoorDash has revamped its app to include more options for those paying with SNAP/EBT! The app update will allow users to pay using SNAP/EBT for orders at over 4,000 ALDI, Albertsons, Meijer, Safeway, and 7-Eleven locations.

Those who sign up and link SNAP/EBT payment information will receive two months of free DashPass membership.

Other updates to the app include a universal search bar, new earning modes, and more opportunities for merchants.

SOURCE: Cheapism

NEW MCFLURRY HAS BEEN SPOTTED: Instagram account @Snackolater has spotted the Peanut Butter Crunch McFlurry! According to their post, the treat features vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cookies, and chocolate pieces. The mix is rumored to hit McDonald’s locations in July. Will the new McFlurry soon make its summer debut? Time will tell!

SOURCE: Mashed