Food News: DiGiorno Introduces “Cry Pies” & Taco Bell is Bringing Back the Bacon Club Chalupa!

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DIGIORNO INTRODUCES ONION-LOADED ‘CRY PIE’: Can you take the tears? DiGiorno is introducing a ‘Cry Pie‘ with three different types of onions for March Madness! The pie features alfredo sauce, mozzarella, and red, yellow, and green onions. Don’t worry: If your favorite team loses, you can blame your tears on the pizza.

SOURCE: Food Beast

BACON CLUB CHALUPA RETURNS TO TACO BELL: The Bacon Club Chalupa is returning to Taco Bell! The crispy and chewy dish is made with grilled chicken, bacon, letture, tomato, three cheeses, and avocado ranch sauce. The Chalupa along with the Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito will be available for a limited time.

SOURCE: Mashed