Food News: Domino’s Can Now Deliver to You Without an Address

Mahyar Motebassem Pga4zhvpo5e UnsplashPhoto by mahyar motebassem on Unsplash

For most pizza deliveries, you can just give them the address.  But sometimes, that’s not really possible… like if you’re on a crowded beach.  Or in the middle of an intense game of hide-and-seek.

Domino’s has announced a new service called “Pinpoint Delivery,” which does NOT require an address if you order through their mobile app.  Instead, you can “drop a pin” on a map for where you are.

They say it’s perfect for the start of summer, because customers might want a pizza delivered outdoors… like at a park, a campsite, or a pool… where their exact location may be hard to find.

This seems like it would be a NIGHTMARE for delivery people, but they have tools on their end too.  Once the delivery person arrives near the pick-up spot, the service activates a “visual signal” on their phone, which you provide.  Like, “I’m wearing yellow Crocs and a shirt that says, ‘Hits 96.'”

Worst case:  The delivery person is free to bail after four minutes if the customer isn’t where they said they’d be.  But the customer is also able to track the delivery on their phone, so it shouldn’t be too hard to link up.