Food News: Hellman’s Introduces Aioli Dip & Spread and Kellogg’s Announces ICEE Cereal?!

Food News

HELLMAN’S INTRODUCES GARLIC AIOLI DIP AND SPREAD: Looking for a new condiment for your favorite burger or a drizzle for your fries? Hellman’s Garlic Aioli Dip and Spread is certified vegan, made with real garlic, and can be an alternative to mayonnaise! Now available at retailers nationwide.

SOURCE: Foodsided

KELLOGG’S INTRODUCES ICEE CEREAL: Cool off this summer with a bowl of Icee Cereal! Kellogg’s and the Icee Company are bringing the freeze to your breakfast bowl. The new cereal is inspired by Cherry and Blue Raspberry flavors, and even cools your mouth as you eat. Now available in the cereal aisle!

SOURCE: Chewboom