Food News: Onions, Lunchables, & Dunkin’

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Use an Onion Instead of a Wire Brush to Clean Your Barbecue Grill:

This barbecue hack isn’t new, but the video has been making the rounds. It’s a woman using an onion to clean her barbecue grill. You get the grill nice and hot, cut an onion in HALF, and then rub the juicy part of the onion over the grates.

The heat activates the onion’s natural fluids to flow out and remove charred bits and grease . . . and they’re ALSO a pretty good non-stick coating.

LUNCHABLES OFFERS FRESH FRUIT FOR THE FIRST TIME: In time for the school year, Lunchables is offering fresh fruit in their meals for the first time. The Turkey & Cheddar Cracker Stackers come with Del Monte fresh clementines or grapes, and the Ham & Cheddar variety come with Del Monte fresh apples or pineapple. Available in the produce section at your grocery store!

SOURCE: The Takeout

DUNKIN’ REVEALS REWARDS FOR AUGUST 2023: Now through August 31st, Dunkin’ Rewards members can find deals like a free medium frozen drink, Iced Matcha Latte, $3 Dunkin’ Wrap, or $2 Cold Brew with purchase. Claim these one-time offers through the mobile app!

SOURCE: Brand Eating