Food News: Taco Bell, Ben & Jerry’s, and Subway

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TACO BELL BRINGS THE HEAT WITH VOLCANO MENU: Taco Bell‘s spiciest menu items are coming back June 29th! The beloved Volcano Menu includes: A Volcano Burrito, Volcano Taco, Volcano Taco, and the option to add Lava Sauce to anything for $1. The Volcano Menu was first introduced in 1995, and last made an appearance in 2016.

SOURCE: The Takeout

BEN & JERRY’S BRINGS BACK FREE CONE DAY: Free Cone Day is coming back on April 3rd, 2023 after a Covid hiatus! Choose any flavor and get as many free scoops as you’d like at participating Ben & Jerry‘s locations.

SOURCE: Food and Wine

SUBWAY BRINGS BACK THE FOOTLONG PASS: Only 250,000 Footlong Passes will be up for grabs starting March 21st at 8 a.m. EST. Grab yours at and receive 50% off a footlong sub every single day of April. The pass costs just $15, but supplies are limited!

SOURCE: Chewboom