FOOD NEWS: Taco Bell Gets “Taco Tuesday” Trademark Dropped and National Hot Dog Day Deals!

Food News

Your local taco joint can now use the phrase “Taco Tuesday” without fear of being sued into oblivion…

The fast-food chain Taco John‘s decided to drop its “Taco Tuesday” trademark yesterday…and Taco Bell is the reason.

If you didn’t hear, they petitioned the U.S. Patent Office in May to get the trademark canceled.  Their argument was it’s such a common saying now, it should be in the public domain at this point.

Turns out the trademark office didn’t even have to weigh in.  Taco John’s dropped it on their own.  A spokesman said they decided it wasn’t worth the money to defend it in court, and they’d rather put that cash toward a good cause.

They’re donating $100 to charity for each of their 400 locations.  So, around $40,000 is headed to a charity that helps restaurant workers who are struggling.

Taco John’s challenged Taco Bell to do the same for its 7,200 locations in the U.S.  So around $720,000, but it’s not clear if they’re taking them up on it or not.

Taco John’s had owned the trademark in 49 states since 1989.  A place called Gregory’s Restaurant & Bar still owns the rights in New Jersey.

One of the owners there said they have no plans to give up their trademark, and they were shocked to hear Taco John’s buckled.

SOURCES: NY Post / LA Times / WSJ


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SOURCES: Food & Wine and Today