FOOD NEWS: Taco Bell Prepares for Game Day and Ben & Jerry’s Announces 2 NEW Flavors!

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TACO BELL OFFERS ULTIMATE GAMEDAY BOX: Now through February 9th, Taco Bell is offering the Ultimate GameDay Box! Share eight Crispy Chicken Wings, one Mexican Pizza, and four Crunchy Tacos for about $22 at most locations. While this box won’t be available Super Bowl Sunday, Taco Bell has hinted that another delicious deal is on the horizon!
SOURCE: The Takeout
BEN & JERRY’S INTRODUCES BOSSIN’ CREAM PIE AND RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE FLAVORS: Ben & Jerry’s is expanding its collection of ice cream flavors! Bossin’ Cream Pie Topped features vanilla custard, cake pieces, pastry swirls, and fudge chips. Raspberry Cheesecake Topped is made with cheesecake ice cream, raspberry swirls, graham cracker, and white chocolate ganache. Available in the freezer aisle!
SOURCE: Chewboom