Frito-Lay Is Getting Everyone Hyped… for Smaller Snacks?

Frito Lay Minis

Frito-Lay® Introduces Minis: New Bite-Sized Versions of Iconic Doritos®, Cheetos® and SunChips® Flavors.

If you’re tired of companies SECRETLY shrinking the amount you’re getting in your snack foods … this might be refreshing:  Frito-Lay is openly HYPING their shrinkage.

Yesterday, Frito-Lay officially unveiled its new Frito-Lay Minis, which are “bite-sized versions” of their snacks.  They’re packaged in an “easy-to-pour canister,” which looks like a Pringles can.

For now, there are six snack Minis available:  Doritos Nacho CheeseDoritos Cool RanchCheetos CheddarCheetos Flamin HotSunChips Harvest Cheddar … and SunChips Garden Salsa.

The Minis are now available at select stores nationwide, after first popping up in several markets a couple weeks ago.  Each one costs $2.79.

SOURCES: PR Newswire / Frito-Lay