Fruitcake-Flavored Mountain Dew Is Here for the Holidays


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Fruitcake is the holiday treat everyone makes fun of, because it should have died along with your Great Aunt’s cat back in 1973.  So hey, why not base a whole SODA around it?

Fruitcake-flavored MOUNTAIN DEW has been spotted on shelves for the holidays.

There were rumors about it this summer, and a few YouTubers got their hands on it early… but now it’s official!

It’s called Mountain Dew “Fruit Quake” and it should roll out nationwide by November.  According to the label, it’s got a nice blast of “artificial fruitcake flavor.”

It’s the fourth holiday flavor they’ve done in the past few years.  The first in 2017 was called “Holiday Brew“.  It was regular Mountain Dew mixed with Mountain Dew Code Red, because green plus red equals Christmas.

After that, they did a cranberry-pomegranate soda called “Merry Mash-Up“.  And last year’s was called “Gingerbread Snap’d“.

The reviews for the Fruit Quake flavor are mixed so far.  Some people love it.  But one Mountain Dew super-fan said it’s even grosser than the gingerbread flavor.  They said it tastes like the inside of an arts-and-crafts store.