Funeral Directors Suspended After Prank


This is a pretty dark prank to pull…but then it’s a pretty dark job too.

A group of funeral directors in London have been suspended after a video emerged of one of them standing over what seems to be a corpse in a body bag when one of his colleague’s bursts out and sits up while screaming, causing the victim to jump backwards in shock.

The video was shot at one of their T Cribb & Sons funeral homes in Becket, East London. John Harris, senior partner at T Cribbs and Sons, saw the video over the weekend and confirmed he has suspended some staff.

The video was posted to Twitter Saturday afternoon (March 5th), where it’s gone viral. Many online commented that the prank was disrespectful, but fellow funeral directors said things like, “People in our line of work need to unwind and relax. Pranks like this keep our spirits up.”

As long as they didn’t dump a body out of the bag to get into it, I don’t think there’s any problem with it.

What do you think?

SOURCE: Daily Mail