Gluten-Free Radio Show

Hits Gluten Free 2022 Promo Reel

Hits Gluten Free Radio Show Promo Reel

5 hours of hit music. 2 besties. 0 milligrams of gluten. The Gluten-Free Radio Show is hosted by two polar opposites: Alex Waters and Calista Liew. Seriously though, you would never think these two could do a show together. Calista loves TikTok, Waters is a Twitter guy. She’s a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, he’s a Calvin Harris fanboy. He’s 6 feet tall, she’s under 5 feet. She’s got blazing red hair, he’s always wearing a flatbill. Need we go on? Join this unlikely pairing every weeknight from 7 to midnight on Hits 96, featuring talentedguests, fun debates, and ridiculous games. All that’s missing is… YOU!

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