Granny Stops Church Robbery


After whacking a young would-be thief on the noggin with a frying pan, a gun-toting granny shot him in the leg when he tried to flee!

It happened in South Carolina. Manuel Cruz, 22, tried to rob the First United Methodists Church in Greenville where Myrdal Smith, 87, was volunteering as secretary.

She said I was sitting at the desk when this young man came in asking me for directions to McDonald’s. I said ‘what do I look like a roadmap?’ Then this little thug had the nerve to tell me to give him all my money! That’s when the fun began.”

Myrdal went on to say she played along and agreed to get the cash, telling the robber it was way up on a top shelf, and she was too short to reach it. When he went to get it, the little old lady grabbed a cast iron skillet from Wednesday night’s church potluck and clocked Cruz in the back of the head.

“As soon as he turned around I grab that pan with two hands and swanged as hard as I could. He fell to the ground and I hit him five more times in the head and in the face,” she said, laughing. “Then he tried to get up and run so [I] shot [him] in the leg with the gun I keep under my desk. I don’t play. These kids gonna show some respect!”

She called the authorities. When paramedic John Rothenberg arrived, he said the bleeding burglar was bawling like a baby. “‘Please get me away from this crazy woman! Please!’ That’s all this guy could say. On our job we try to stay professional, but when we were treating him all we could do was laugh. I guess you can say he got what he deserved.”

Police declined to take the gutsy grandma into custody saying that although she shouldn’t have shot him after he was hit in the face and head with the frying pan, “she did what she thought she had to do to protect herself.”